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| August 10, 2010

They say that we are all bound by our experiences. Perhaps, this is why as I get older, I find it becomes increasingly difficult to synthesize and communicate the most basic question: Who am I.   As I prominently display on this site, I have spent my career finding and communicating clarity in a field of chaos.  Yet, this simple question challenges me.

Thus, I have created this website as a way for me to interactively share the various dimensions of Marc LeShay. Far removed from the simple life of a twenty-something, I am a complex amalgam of entrepreneur, corporate executive, educator, mentor, innovator, efficiency expert, and strategist.

Rather, this is what I do professionally. Personally, I am a father, husband, athlete, and your basic simple guy.

The connective tissue that integrates the two parts is my passion for problem solving. Whether developing a corporate strategy, helping a young entrepreneur, or sitting in my dining room working a jigsaw puzzle with my family, my mind is always “on.” I see the world as an enormous, integrated, puzzle and am constantly performing mental gymnastics, fitting pieces together.

It’s this passion that I bring to my career and life that I hope to communicate to this community.

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