Mexico City Medical Travel Seminar

| August 13, 2010

I was recently invited to be a guest lecturer at the 1st Mexico City Medical Travel Seminar.  Following are some of my observations . . .

  • The hospitals in Mexico City were clean and very well presented.  However, comments from the administration indicate they do not really seem to understand the medical tourism/global healthcare market, specifically as it pertains to the US consumer.  ABC was an exception to this comment. They seemed to have their thoughts and strategy very well prepared.
  • The seminar was very nicely organized. It would have been nice to have had more attendance. But, this was the first seminar and that’s how these things go. I learned a lot but remain uncertain as to whether or not Mexico City is committed to being a leader in medical tourism/global healthcare.
  • Mexico City (and all of Mexico for that matter) has an identity crisis. On one hand, they promote low cost (which equates to low quality) and on the other speaks of offering premium services such as live donor organ transplants and cardiac surgery.  The city is divided between their existing focus on “border” communities and the more affluent US consumer market.
  • If Mexico City can better understand their brand and the US consumer market, there is no reason why they could not create a thriving medical travel business. Their geographic proximity makes them an ideal candidate. However, this alone will not build the business. Mexico City needs to invest money to develop their brand, services, and marketing strategy. Without this, Mexico City (and all of Mexico) will lose the US business to other countries already investing in these areas. To date, I have only heard that they have no money. So, to put it bluntly, if there is no money, there is no business.

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