Are Personal Websites Becoming Millennial Resumes?

| September 22, 2010

I’m currently teaching an IT Strategy course at a top 20 business school.  In preparation for the semester, I made the decision to have my students build a very basic website. My reasoning? Simple: In today’s business world, you have to take control of your personal brand.

What’s the first thing a recruiter does when they read your resume (assuming they’re even mildly interested)?  That’s right, they Google you.

And, what comes up on Google? Who knows, this is totally out of your control.

But, what if you create a personal website? This simple tool can not only empower you to regain control of your brand, it will also provide an opportunity to create texture and depth to your resume. With your site, people can now see examples to substantiate your resume content.

Now, when someone “Googles” you, they will see what you want them to see. And, see it in far greater detail than even the best resume bullets could ever provide.

Let’s turn the prism and look through the other side. What if you’re applying for a job and it comes down to you and another person. You don’t have a website and they do.  Not only do they, but their site validates and expounds on all their resume claims.  Who’s do you think is earning the job?

In simplest form, I contend that personal websites are becoming millennial resumes and every business person should develop one.

Do you agree?

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