Marketing Strategy Flaws: Shotgun Marketing Doesn’t Work

| December 8, 2010

This is the fifth and final part of a five part series which addresses the flaws inherent in an insurance-centric medical tourism/global healthcare marketing strategy: It’s an inefficient and ineffective shotgun approach to marketing.

Every good marketing strategy starts with a clearly defined product and target consumer audience. The problem with relying on insurance companies for your medical tourism/global healthcare brand is that you lose focus.  Insurance subscribers cut across the U.S. consumer landscape. While this sounds good, it’s the exact opposite of what is necessary.  Statistically, the majority of insurance subscribers fall outisde the consumer audience you’re trying to attract. In other words, insurance-centricity equates to a shotgun marketing approach. It may sound great, but most of the shot misses the target.

Furthermore, many of my medical tourism/global healthcare clients face a significant branding challenge: For many of these clients, the U.S. perceptions of their products is not very high. Take into consideration that we’re talking about outsourcing healthcare and this issue becomes exponentially magnified.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now: If you want to change the perceptions of 300,000,000 U.S. consumers, you’d better be ready to take on a multi-generational marketing strategy.  This is what a shotgun insurance-centric marketing approach offers.

Conversly, if you want fast results, you have to be very specific and define a unique Center of Excellence. Then you need to identify, with equal prescision, your target audience. With this laser-focus, you can craft a highly optimized marketing strategy, intended to influcence the perception of a very specific group of consumers.  This is achievable in months, but not via insurance carriers. This is achievable only with a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy. In contrast to the shotgun approach, direct-to-consumer marketing provides laser prescision that can yield immediate results.

To recap, the formula is simple:

1)      Identify your Center of Excellence (your niche product)

2)      Research and identify your focused consumer base

3)      Craft highly targeted marketing messages

4)      Market to your focused consumer base

5)      Convert consumers to patients

This can only be accomplished with the laser precision delivered by a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy.

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