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Data Center Strategic Plan

Defines a second generation hosting plan for mission critical hosting needs. This plan includes physical, network, security, hosting, storage, and process elements.  The original strategic plan was also completed by my company, Integral Computing Services, Inc.

Project Delivery Process

Establishes a ubiquitous process for project delivery across all areas and scalable for all projects.  This document includes basic team charter elements, established process overview, detailed process flows, swim-lane diagrams, and online work flow diagrams.

Objective Analysis – Sample Document

Provides an example of how to elevate your analysis beyond subjective terminology into true empiric and objective analysis. The document is from an actual project but, today, is used for educational purposes with my classes

Project Definition: A New Approach

Explores a new way of prioritizing projects. This approach was developed as an alternative to an existing client’s project prioritization process. Their process centered on volume of impacted users and cost only. I observed that this approach risked projects being ranked a high in priority that may have very little business value. This new approach offered a more business-centric prioritization methodology

Risk Scorecard

Provides a simple tool for identifying, quantifying, and weighting project and/or business risks.  This single sheet was originally part of a larger technology due diligence risk assessment that my company, Integral Computing Services, Inc., led for a $650 million corporate acquisition

Market Penetration System

Illustrates how my company, Premiere Medical Travel Corp, identifies and aligns consumer populations for potential healthcare markets,

Conflict and Power: Considerations for a Healthy Dialog

Explores the dynamics of conflict and power for the purposes of leading an educational session on how to navigate these waters to drive a healthy and productive dialog. I use this presentation when facilitating executive team building sessions and also when trying to mediate interdepartmental/inter-company conflicts

Evaluating Business Case Studies using an adapted Six Sigma DMAIC Process

Provides instruction for educators and/or students to employ an adapted Six Sigma DMAIC process to evaluate business school case studies.